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The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List of Threatened Species
ITIS, Integrated Taxonomic Information System . . . The Catalogue of Life
Wildlife of the San Francisco Bay Area, a "portal to the world of Bay Area wildlife watching."
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Endangered Animal Mugs

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WakeUp Mug 14: Great Hammerhead Shark left and Great Hammerhead Shark right
Great Hammerhead Shark_coffee_mug ... The Great Hammerhead Sharks_coffee_mug

WakeUp Mug 13: Atlantic Walrus left and Atlantic Walrus right
Atlantic Walrus_coffee_mug ... The Atlantic Walrus_coffee_mug

WakeUp Mug 12: Leafy Sea Dragon left and Leafy Sea Dragon right

the Leafy Sea Dragon postcard front page ... the Leafy Sea Dragon postcard back page

To learn more about this fascinating creature and see photos and videos of them in action, kindly click here.

photo © 2007 Derek Ramsey: CC BY-SA 2.5 license

WakeUp Mug 11: Mountain Beaver left and Mountain Beaver right
Endangered_Mountain Beaver_coffee_mug ... Endangered_Mountain Beaver_coffee_mug

WakeUp Mug 9: Grey Wolf and 10: Monarch Butterfly
Endangered_Grey Wolf_coffee_mug ... The Monarch Butterfly endangered coffee mug

WakeUp Mug 7: Hainan Gibbon and 8: Polar Bear
Endangered_Hainan Gibbonh_coffee_mug ... The Polar Bear endangered coffee mug

WakeUp Mug 5: Northern White Rhino and WakeUp Mug 6: Golden Lancehead
The Northern White Rhino endangered coffee mug ... The Golden Lancehead endangered coffee mug

WakeUp Mug 3: Hawaiian Monk Seal and WakeUp Mug 4: Oahu Tree Snails
The Hawaiian Monk Seal endangered coffee mug ... The Oahu Tree Snails endangered coffee mug

WakeUp Mug 1: Three-Toed Sloth and WakeUp Mug 2: Florida Panther
The 3-toed sloth endangered coffee mug... ... Endangered_Florida Panther_coffee_mug

And a couple different items:
1: Florida Panther card and 2: Florida Panther NeckTie
Endangered_Florida Panther_coffee_mug ... Endangered_Florida Panther_Tie

     #104: the Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly postcard front page ..... Monarch Butterfly  postcard back page

The Monarch Butterfly is going extinct ~ but here's how you can help turn that around. In the opinion of many scientists the monarchs and many other butterflies are sliding toward extinction because of three things: 1) climate change / extreme weather; 2) loss of habitat; and 3) the reckless use and misuse of chemical pesticides and herbicides. But you can probably do something that could directly help the monarchs and others: Plan and tend a 'butterfly garden". Monarchs eat only milkweed and only eat or prefer milkweed native to the area they are from. There are quite a few organizations and websites to help you create your own successful monarch / butterfly garden. Here are a few:
Milkweed seed finder
Monarch Joint Venture
Create Habitat for Monarchs

AND the developer (me) of this postcard is wanting to invite you postcard readers, butterfly lovers, all, to visit this website as often as you like, I want to make these postcards as informative as I can, especially concerning the question in everyone's heart when they read about the suffering that these different endangered creatures are going through, which is "What can I do about it?" I want to find that out myself, and hope the many of you can elucidate the situation and post it here for all to see and discuss. We don't have either the "post" or "discuss" format available for you just yet. This started out four months as a grandpa (me) wanting to find a fun way to be a bigger part of his distant grandchildren's everyday lives and at first I sent funny postcards (I've always loved postcards), postcards I purchased online, and when those started running out, I segued to sending cards with a photo and a brief educational type description of a wild animal, and now, as so so many of our planet's animal species are threatened with extinction, my hobby has segued into presenting one by one, on my postcard creations, the many endangered animals, and the more cards I researched and wrote, the more my heart was troubled and now I want to tell the whole world, WAKE UP! we're are losing the best the planet has to offer. It won't be the same place, we won't want to live here. I want to help mitigate that loss as much as I can. Thanks.

Quote: "Dry milkweed down has a buoyancy that would make helium jealous, so if you let the pods dry and split, I recommend you clean them outdoors." ~ William Cullina, Wildflowers: A Guide to Growing and Propagating Native Flowers of North America

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